• Why did you start to think about breast augmentation surgery?

As woman mostly do – to make the breast look better. After having my first child being born and breast-feeding her my boobs lost their shape and I wanted them back.


  • How long did you think before you decided to take the procedure?

I was dreaming about it already 1.5 years after my child was born. But could not do it because wasn’t able to afford it to myself. As soon as I was able to afford it to myself, I went to the procedure.


  • What gave you the last punch to go and do the breast surgery?

Money. As soon as I was able to afford it, I did it.


  • What where your hopes regarding the breast augmentation surgery?

I was only hoping that every thing goes very well and that I will recover quickly from the surgery.


  • Did you get what you where hoping for?

Yes I did. Sadly I’m a person to whom develops a scar tissue. I have tried different things and almost there where I would like it to be J But you never know that you are the one who is going to have a bit bigger scars then others.


  • What changed in your life after the breast surgery?

Directly nothing. Although the clothes fit me now better than before and I feel myself also more in proportion J


  • Did the boob job have any effect on your self-esteem or self-love?

In some ways it surely did.


  • Has the breast surgery stopped you from doing something?



  • Has the breast augmentation changed some other things in your life?

No it hasn’t


  • Would you recommend breast surgery procedure to some of your friends who have already thought about it?

This is very individual. And any woman should make the decision on their own. I would suggest the procedure if it is always on your mind and the shape of your body is tearing down your self-esteem. But you have also know the risks! Operation is operation. Know how it is done, where it is done and most important – who is your doctor!


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