Often times people have two opinions regarding medical tourism – it is for people who have a lot of money is one thought and others think that medical tourism is for people who have a smaller budget.


As H. Ford said “if you think you can, or if you think you can not – both way you are right”. So is it with these two opinions.


To people who have a lot of money – true!

If you have a slightly bigger budget regarding the procedure that you would like to have done, then you also have:

*the opportunity to choose a more modern private clinic
*you can choose a well known and very experienced doctor

*you can extend your stay and also enjoy a vacation in new country while recovering

*you have a lot of privacy – you can say to your friends and family that you are on vacation, not on a medical tourism trip.

To people who have a smaller budget for the procedure – also true!

Today’s open world lets us to find a very good doctor with affordable price.

Sometimes traveling for a medical purpose can save us up to 70%. For example in UK gastric bypass can cost up to 14000€ and you can have the same procedure done in Estonia for 7000€. If you add there your traveling costs you will still save almost 70% .

*cheaper prices then in your home country

*better privacy

*experienced doctors

*you can combine vacation and medical procedure

So to wrap it up – traveling for medical purposes has many many advantages.

But when you do that, please do your homework before going. Check the hospital and doctors background, ask the treatment total cost (sometimes agency’s like to show the lowest price and then all kind of extras will be added to the bill), ask about aftercare, look for good transportation from your home country (one way flight and how do you get from airport to hospital), do you need to book yourself a hotel etc.

If this helps at least one person in the world, then we here in MedCare Travel are already very happy J

Have a lovely day!

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