Dr. Laura Schmidt is one of the leading female dentist in Estonia. She is specialized in Restorations on teeth and implants.

Her areas of expertise are restorations, teeth implants and prosthesis.

Dr. Laura Schmidt speaks excellent English, Estonian and Russian.


  • Member of Estonian Dental Association
  • Graduate member of Estonian Dentistry Students´ Association
  • 2005–2010 University of Tartu – Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry
  • 1994–2005 Viljandi Country Gymnasium (silver medal)

2011 –           Sakala Hambaravi


  • 22.11.2011, Endo Conference – Prof. G. Cantatore, Dr. L. Andriukaitiene, Dr. V. Vengerfeldt
  • 26.09.2011, WaveOne hands-on training in rotating instruments – Dr. V. Vengerfeldt, Dr. R. Toom
  • 26.–27.08.2011, Estonian Annual Dental Meeting
  • 25.08.2011, Sustainable Restoration Methods of Teeth with Extensive Crown Defects (introductory course of EADM) – Prof. R. Ibbetson
  • 16.06.2011, New Concept of Colour Selection of Direct Composite Restorations and Layer Method. Hands-on course  – Dr. Ieva Jelisejeva
  • 15.04.2011, To Dentist from Orthodontist 2011


  • 04.10.2010, Whitening of Teeth. Indications and Uses of Fibre Pins. – Dr. T. Wehner
  • 24.09.2010, Dare to Start: First Steps in Implantation – Dr. Ü. Pintson, Dr. L. Krünvald, Dr. J. Tiigimäe-Saar
  • 27.09.2010, Endo Conference – Prof. J. West, Dr. V. Vengerfeldt, Dr. D. Ruzanov
  • 08.09.2010, Front Teeth Restoration on Models with Gradia Direct (hands-on part). Introduction of Newest Materials from GC. – Dr. V. Vilkinis
  • 14.–16.12.2010, Training in Occupational Health and Safety – T. Velt